Hi, I’m Lynda

Hi, I’m Lynda

I was always curious why, we seem to keep attracting the same situations.

And was searching to free myself from the inner critic that I experienced while working in the corporate world.

The inner struggle eventually caused me to walk away from the corporate world and sent me on a journey to find inner peace and ignite inner confidence.
Discovering the power of subconscious mind was the game changer! And led me to free myself from the inner turmoil and limiting beliefs that had kept me trapped. An amazing breakthrough!
By freeing myself from the old beliefs, sabotaging behaviours, and self-doubt, I was able to upgrade new empowering beliefs that bought me not only inner peace, but kick arse confidence to create a new life.

Just like software needs upgrading, so do our subconscious minds need upgrading.

And this is when transformation and new realities unfold.

My life’s purpose is now to support and serve other women so they can leave self-doubt, fear, lack of confidence and procrastination in the past and be visible to shine and thrive and create the life they love!
I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist, and trained as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and my passion in life is to help you discover what’s holding you back and clear that, so you can have a great mindset to live your best life!
So spread your wings and set yourself free and book a free discovery call today. 
I look forward to connecting with you so you can experience freedom! 

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Who is Lynda?
I also work part time at a major Sydney public hospital in the Mental Health team, where I assist individuals with their ongoing recovery. 
Whether it is addiction or mental health concerns or mood disorders I facilitate transformational and therapeutic art groups for inpatients as well as women in community, all of which create wellness and connection.
Nature is my place that restores my soul, whether it’s the ocean or the forest I’ll take either. I meditate and exercise daily and believe that everyone needs love and connection to live their best life.
I spent most of my parenting years raising my daughter alone, and she now enjoys a beautiful life in Maui. I have a wonderful supportive partner these days who I get to spend time with.

Family is important, so whether its blood family or chosen family one of my favourite souls is Simba our Japoodle pup. I think everyone with a dog would agree, dogs have an incredible presence to embrace the present moment and bring more love into the world!
Part of the reason why I believe that my work is so healing, is that I have a spiritual side, that is loving, nurturing and supports others to shift into a positive vibration. So when someone asks me what my faith is I say “I choose to embrace love and light in all that I do”. I believe we are only just starting to understand how powerful we are and once we harness our true potential of the incredible soul we are, abundance is available. 
My own experience is proof of how being stuck in a negative, not feeling enough mindset can keep you stuck. When I began to study how powerful the mind is and that the thoughts and imprints we have created at such a young age are impacting our current reality, I was inspired to support others. So everyday I get up with a purpose to support women to release what is no longer serving them. And today I am aligned to what truly inspires me and rises my energy, and vibration in the world to free others and to share the message you don’t have to stay stuck, freedom lies on the other side of investing in your transformation!